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Since 2005, we have been working with online music platforms and we have now created DJ Live TV to help in connecting artists with their fans, help in growing our artists own communities and to assist in achieving personal and professional goals, without compromise due to  technology limitations.

Our team is passionate about live-streaming and have been sharing music online since the inception of the digital music age. Copyright algorithms have become more sophisticated in order to protect everyones intellectual property however, we have found that in most cases, these algorithms are very aggressive, narrow and prevent upload / live-streaming of artists own creations and performances.

Our platform connects our artists with a global audience, enabling them to share their exclusive content with people around the world. When you participate in our Live Broadcasts, you’re embarking on a journey of discovery and understanding of the worlds best electronic music!

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Once you have signed up as a member you can subscribe to our monthly plan and access our ever growing archive of live-streams, DJ mixes & exclusive music videos. Your subscription fee will go towards supporting our artists and the cost of running our site.

Miguel Campbell:

"DJ Live TV is a place where myself and other artists & DJ's can play our music without compromising on content or the way in which we want to present our music to our friends & fans"

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