Tweak & Switch!

Updated: May 18, 2021

DJ Live TV now in HD!

You may have noticed some unannounced live streams here on DJ Live TV throughout this past week, as we have been tweaking our brand new set up and we now have the capability to stream in high definition and we are extremely pleased with the quality of the results of our hard work.

Our team will be re-streaming our past shows in full HD over the coming week.

Which takes us to our next part of this blog... 'Switch"

Jimmy Switch & Miguel Campbell Live in Leeds!

Tomorrow (Saturday 20th June) Jimmy Switch is making his way to Leeds to play a special open air live show, playing alongside his collaborative partner Miguel Campbell in an English country garden somewhere in the north of the city.

Miguel Campbell:

"I'm super excited to again be able to play some music with friends as the lockdown rules here in the UK are being relaxed. DJ Live TV is a perfect way for us to stream our entire sets without any unwelcome interruptions"

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